Friends And Discounts PV Updates

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Friends are awesome, and so is saving money, so why not have both?!

Precision Vision is now offering it’s patients, who do not have insurance, a very special discount. It’s special because we have the opportunity to help each other and we love helping you out! Every time a Precision Vision patient refers one of their friends to Precision Vision and that friend receives a comprehensive eye exam from us, not only will that friend receive a 10% discount, but the original Precision Vision patient will also receive a 10% discount.

Now, what’s even more special about this discount is that the 10% can stack for the Precision Vision patient. Let’s say John, a regular patient at Precision Vision, invites 5 of his closest friends to receive eye exams at Precision Vision. All 5 of his friends decide it’s time to see better and come in for an eye exam and tell us here at the optometry that John referred them. That means each one of those friends gets 10% off their total purchase that day and John receives a 50% discount the next time he comes in!

So don’t forget to recommend us to those friends and see the money saving begin!

*Direct family members cannot be recommended by one another, discount does not stack past 50%, a person can only be referred once, this discount does not stack with existing Precision Vision promotions or offers, 25% max discount can be applied to contact lens orders . Any further inquiry can be directed to Precision Vision at (801) 504-6448