The Optometry

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Advanced Facilities

Along with a beautiful, newly renovated location made specifically to help customers feel at home and comfortable as they receive their quality eye exam, we here at Precision Vision supply our patients with a state of the art experience. Through the practical use of complex up-to-date optical equipment built for sleek efficiency we’re able to help our patients in a quick yet memorable way. We guarantee to make sure that your prescription is correct and your heart, content.

Wonderful Atmosphere

Dr. Jess E. Mendenhall, along with our opticians, ophthalmic technicians, and staff have more than 30 years of combined experienced in eye care. The Precision Vision Team is committed to excellence and in providing you with the best eye care available.

We welcome new patients for routine eye and vision exams, medical eye exams, and emergency eye care.

Our ophthalmic assistants will work with Dr. Mendenhall to check your vision, determine if your vision could be improved with glasses or contacts, and examine your eyes with the latest diagnostic and imaging equipment.

We look for the presence of any eye conditions or diseases that might threaten your eye sight. Many people do not realize that some conditions like glaucoma and retinal disease may create few or no symptoms, especially in the early stages of the disease. Early detection of these conditions allow for more effective treatment and a better prognosis.